Index Rugged Student Devices

Purpose-built for Education Index Rugged Student designed to provide a mobile learning experience. The long battery life supports the mobility aspect of the device, allowing it to go the entire school day. The touch screen works with the thin-tip stylus pen to deliver more precision in every task. It also comes with a protective cover with stand option for added stability.

Index Smart Touch

The Index Smart Touch is a ruggedized multitouch display available in 55”, 65” , 75” 90” sizes. The Presenter has an all-aluminum frame with a patented design, and it uses the best available commercial components.The Index Smart Touch has a 4K Ultra Led display rated for 24/7 operation and bezel-less.

Information Kiosk and Digital Displays

Interactive Information Kiosk. Provide real-time information to your customers, visitors and staff with a touch screen, interactive information kiosk. Digital kiosks improve user engagement and experience, no matter what environment - from a reception kiosk in your business to a wayfinding directory kiosk in a shopping center.

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